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KPI.Com is an Online Business Management Software. The integrated suite of applications has been designed to remove the necessity of investing in on-site back office administration and control systems, thereby allowing firms to concentrate on delivering their core, value adding services to their customers. Delivering the solution via the Cloud enables the management and staff to share information and manage their operations regardless of location, thereby increasing their efficiency, responsiveness and competitiveness whilst minimising their investment in operational overhead. Kpi.com delivers a comprehensive, integrated, business support infrastructure: Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, HR, Payroll, e-Commerce, Basic Accounting, MIS and Reporting. Kpi.com’s business apps cloud solution delivers all elements of the business are connected. Information, staff, sales and service, front office operations, back office functions, management and control are available immediately from any location and can be shared across the organisation.

Finnet Technologies developed everything related to KPI.Com (Website, Web Application, Mobile Applications).